Our staff consists of highly qualified doctors

Our Physicians are available for HOME VISITS 24 Hours / day, 7 days/ week.

OFFICE VISITS during walk-in hours without appointment at 4, Via Roma - Firenze -

Our doctors:
    Dr A. Azzerbon
  • Dr A. Azzerboni
  • D.ssa A.S. Longo
  • Dr A. S. Longo
    D.ssa H. Silberhorn
  • Dr H. Silberhorn
  • Dr C. Smorlesi
  • Dr C. Smorlesi
  • D.ssa Linari
  • Dr A. Linari
Medical Service Firenze
Home visit24 hours/day
For any information or request our assistant C. Bargiacchi is at the clinic from Monday to Friday from 9.30a.m. to 1.30p.m.
Medical Service Firenze